Excess, desire and incapability as displayed on the internet are an important source in Petra van Noort’s work. She transforms the absentminded scrolling culture of today into still images in an extremely labour-intensive way.

The series ‘Instagirls’ portrays women who post thousands of photos of themselves on Instagram in the hope of a career as an influencer, even though they hardly have any followers. The artist follows their feed and uses posted selfies and personal elements from their Instagram account to build up large collage-like murals and drawings.

The works are mostly made in series in which the main subject strives to fit in a mold and has to meet certain expectations. The person appears to be able to move free and happy but must meet strict requirements imposed by their personal or professional environment.

Over the years the works have opened up, through playing with lines and preserving empty spaces. By placing different visual elements on top of each other, more movement is created and the emphasis is placed on the different aspects of the subjects personality. The works are constructed by combining various photos that are found on their profile with patterns and elements from their home country/city or that have a connection with their personal interests.

Graphic patterns are mixed with realistic images. All elements are drawn by hand and are constructed with multiple materials and with various techniques that complement each other in the process.

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Petra’s studio is located at the artist-run initiative ‘Kunst en Complex‘ in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She studied 3D/Sculpture on The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

The  artwork can be aquired directly via her or via one of her representive galleries, like NL=US or Murals Inc.