Petra van Noort is mostly known for her murals and installations painted in bold colors and black dripping lines. The subject matter of her work is a mixture of current social themes, the daily news and the constant flow of imagery uploaded to the internet by people around the world. Recently she started drawing on transparent plastic and paper sheets to which different materials and textile are added. These collage-like pieces show a more subtle way of working in contrast to her large and intense murals and installations.




Most Wanted 
januari 2011  

drawings made of priests and more ‘famous’ child abusers (70x50 cm)most_wanted.html
15th januari 2011  

On the 15th of January 2011 Tupajumi organised the Fitax500 at Kunst & Complex in Rotterdam. The First International Tupajumi Art Exchange was a fact. An art trading event were artists and collectors were invited to swap/trade an artpiece worth of aprox. 500Euro.Fitax500_%281%29.html
Park (Blue Skies)
june 2011

group exhibition at the Stadsgalerij in Breda during the Breda Jazz Festival. Festive opening on the 1st of june. For more information www.jazztentoon.nlhttp://www.jazztentoon.nlblue_skies.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0
Church #3
januari 2011  

work made in the 4th month of my residencetemples_%282%29.html
Church #4
april 2011  

work made in the 7th month of my residencetemples_%283%29.html
oktober 2011

group exhibition in Delft with Egied Simons, Ieke Triks, Hester Plomp and Guda Koster 
website ID11
Pick Me
september 2012

Wallpainting about mail-order brides, found on the internet. 
Materials: paint, marker, pencil and wallpaper.
Part of the Incubate festival. 
june 2012  

On the 24th of June 2012 Tupajumi organised a pop-up Fitax500 during Kunstweekend Charlois in Rotterdam. Fitax500 is an art trading event were artists and collectors were invited to swap/trade an artpiece worth of aprox. 500 euro. I swapped the work ‘Kweep Sweet’ with Edith Meijering.ID11.html
february 2012

Re Rotterdam was an artfair in Rotterdam, other artist presented their work in this building like, Berndnaut Smilde, Hidde van Schie,  Justin Weijers, Maria Ikonomopoulou, Daan en Houter, Niels Post, Niki van Strien, V&B en Annegret Kellner.
january 2012

drawings on paper combined with paint, ink and thread 
may 2013  

Reference No: 6352, Name: Noi, Age: 30, Weight: 45 kg, Height: 4' 11", Education: Basic, State Status: Single, Children: , English: Basic, Job: Seamstress, Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Music, Seeking Husband: Sincere, Responsible, Kind HeartedNoi.html